Imagine your rooms “without” ceiling, but like a dynamic sky that that changes between your favourite colours, intensity, or favourite motive. DPS stretch ceiling is world leading in stretch ceilings.

LIGHTCARE has the agency and negotiating right on DPS stretch ceiling in Denmark. We are licenced serviceman of all types of DPS stretch ceilings. Our customers are all types of public and private companies which values great craftsmanship and aesthetic sense. DPS stretch ceiling is world´s leading company within stretch ceilings with thousands of installations worldwide. LIGHTCARE has the experience to distribute this knowledge and we can be of service by idea, tender, project engineering, and installation of all forms of stretch ceilings in Denmark.

The membranes can easily have light through them and is often used in combination with Tunable white and RGB together with LIGHTCARE OS control panel, which creates a changeable, magic, and full dynamic ceiling. The membranes are produced custom made and delivered in different colours, surfaces and with own graphic design. The membranes can be delivered 100% water tight or as micro perforated to be used by acoustic optimisation. The membranes can also be delivered as retrofit for existing Danish recessed ceilings like Dampa, Echophon, Gyproc, Knauf, Rockfon, Troldtekt etc.

Extra inspiration:

See the many options via the color simulator:

DPS stretch ceiling is characterised by:

  • The ceiling form part of a common thread in the décor by means of unique and visual experiences.
  • Optimising the lighting in the room. The ceiling can work as one big lamp.
  • Easy way to recess ceilings which are too tall, ugly and worn out.
  • Hide ugly installations under existing ceiling.
  • Easy to integrate ventilation, movements and smoke detectors etc. in the ceiling.
  • Easy installation, no painting or cleaning after wards necessary.
  • Easy to clean and disassemble/assemble due to structural memory
  • Fully resistant to bumps, deformations and impacts.
  • Waterproof, antistatic, and very low weight.
  • Long life (10 years warranty standard).

DPS and LIGHTCARE's stretch-ceilings have achieved all necessary and international EN certificates and ISO standards as well as fire requirements for suspended ceilings in Denmark. We meet Euroclass B-s1,d0. The classes for smoke development are s1, s2 and s3, where s1 is the best. The classes for burning droplets and particles are d0, d1 and d2, where d0 is the best. In addition, there are requirements that the ceiling must not collapse during the early stages of the fire, when evacuation and rescue operations can still be carried out, which is fully met with stretch-ceiling.


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