LIGHTCARE® OS - Open Source


Plug’n Play solutions, wireless control and user-friendly software, simplifies the present complex installation principle. User-friendly software tools will at the same time make it easier to communicate and service users in other markets, using remote access / remote connection. Wireless control and user-friendly software are in line with the upcoming light revolution. LIGHTCARE® combines research and technology, to support our biological adaption.

  • Through our flexible and proprietary LIGHTCARE® OS software, based on DMX/RDM technology, a quick response and high quality is assured
  • The system is divided into multi-zone installations so the light can be personalised for individual needs.

  • The system is extremely reliable and can support even the very largest projects.
  • The system has user-login which ensures intuitive user-interfaces, equivalent to Android and IOS devices
  • The system supports integration with 3rd party products and suppliers.
  • Before any delivery, everything is thoroughly tested and the staff is instructed in using the system. This is a part of what we call a light-commissioning process.


In LIGHTCARE© OS our definition of OPEN SOURCE is a software where you can independently make and change light scenarios by intensity, colour-temperature and advanced time schedules depending on desire and requirements. That means among other things that you can freely choose between our technicians/electricians or your own when the system needs to be updated or serviced.


We focus on creating as future proof a system as possible. The system is continuously adapted according to new inputs from users, new research, experience from previous projects and specific needs of individual situations e.g. residents’ or patients’ conditions and/or mental and physical abilities. The most basic settings can always be adjusted by the technical department and the staff, and thereby be tailored to each individual occupant, patient, or department.


Technicians and electricians can be granted additional access to system service and maintenance through our technical interface.


Bundled with the installation of our Circadian Lighting, comes thorough instruction for the staff and training in use of our control units. We are also eager to go into a dialogue about particular desires and functions that are relevant for your exact full dynamic lighting system.



Lightcare OS Cloud

Scientifically engineered and Leading technologies from LIGHTCARE® consist of unmatched software design, and state of the art multifunctional flicker-free, 6 or 12 channel Unit-controllers, to suit any lighting manufacturer’s HCL dream. LIGHTCARE®-OS is running all kinds of circadian controlled lighting systems, including both coloured, blue free light and tunable white lighting.

LIGHTCARE®-OS Cloud, is a recently released cloud service. It can make real-time control and monitoring simple, with minimal set-up and reduce the cost. Used in conjunction with the AC wireless I/O modules, the unit-controller 6-channel or 12-channel can integrate with other systems utilized within the building and allow triggering and monitoring of these systems via the Cloud service.

The unit-controller 6-channel or 12-channel is a family of multiple channel LED drivers and control modules designed to simplify and reduce the cost of connected multiple luminaires. Compatible with industry standard wired and wireless lighting control protocols, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or DMX/DALI, the LIGHTCARE®-UC system enables simplified, future ready design flexibility for OEM luminaire manufacturers to meet the needs of their end customers without requiring redesign or recertification. All UC options provide independent tuning of intensity and CCT.


Master Server or Slave 10.1" - 15,6" & 21.5"


Touch Panel Master Server eller Slave TOUCH PANEL Master Server or Slave 10.1" - 15,6" & 21.5" The Touch Panel Server gives the user a full overview and complete control of the Lightcare OS HCL installation. The server is the heart of our control system, and keeps track with individually adjusted circadian rhythms and scenarios. From the Overview tab you can monitor the current light scenarios, as well as access all areas of the building for individual control.

With administrator login you are given access to the advanced features and/or the full programming of the installation. If the server has internet access, remote support can be performed on the entire installation. It ensures the customer the quickest way to updates, programming and bug fixes on the circadian light system


Wall mount - VESA 100x100 bracket (ordered separately)
Wall recessed - Frame (ordered separately)
Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C
Power Supply : Input power: DC 12~24V.
Included Jack Adapter with Schuko plug (EU)230V AC, 65W,19V DC,
Display Type: Full HDResolution: 1920 x 1080Multi-Touch
Input / Output
2x USB 2.0 ports, 1x Internal Wi-Fi antenna, 1x RS232 COM port
(optional RS485), 1x HDMI input, 1x Audio line out, 1x RJ45 LAN9512
10/100 Ethernet
System : Intel Atom Z3735F 1.33GHz Processor
Onboard 2GB DDR3L RAM Onboard 32GB eMMC storage WLAN - IEEE
802.11 b/g/n
Windows 10 Pro operating systemIP65
Front Panel Fanless


Master Server or Slave 10.1" - 15,6" & 21.5"


The Area Controller enables advanced control of LED luminaires, (Unit Controllers), in an individual zone (such as a single room or section of a building). AC can be used as stand-alone circadian rhythm controller in smaller installations, or as part of a larger overall complex lighting control system. For larger installations, all ACs and power supplies are supplied in a complete panelboard, according to your wishes and needs. Area Controller receives digital and analogue signals from, for example, Switches and PIR sensors. These signals are used to override the connected luminaires


Area Controller delivered in a panelboard, 24V DC PSU
included or for a DIN-rail installation.

RJ45 Ethernet for connecting to the control system
LIGHTCARE©-OS and configuring the AC. 10 X Digital/Analog
inputs. (0-24 VDC). Used for switches, sensors etc.

DMX/RDM RS485 control signal for the Unit Controllers.
9x 24 Volt DC relays. Often used for passing on signals to
other control systems. 9x 230 Volt AC relays . Often used for
controlling 230V non-intelligent lamps, blinds, power outlets
or anything else in the room.
CPU Info:

CPU Type: ATmega2560CPU Clock Speed: 16 MHz.
Temperature : 0-550 C.
Made in Denmark



Leading technologies from LIGHTCARE consist of unmatched and state of the art multifunctional flick- er-free, 6 or 12-channel Unit Controller plug-and-play BOX, to suit any lighting manufacturer's HCL dream.The UC-BOX is available as a 6 or 12 channel version, for LED Constant Adjustable Current Driver, which supports Wi-Fi or Bluetooth through DMX/ RDM or by request also DALI-DTS communication.Designed to simplify and reduce the cost of multiple connected luminaires Compatible with industry stand- ard, wired and wireless lighting control protocols Simplified, future-ready design flexibility for all our customers, including all OEM luminaire manufac turers, to meet their end-customers' needs without requiring redesign or recertification.This ensures great flexibility and optimization, when lighting is dimensioned. We always start with the choice of LED technology, and the number of luminaires. From this, we find the most optimal UC composition, to facili- tate installation and material consumption.You can design your own installation, with our UC configuration tool, available on our website The luminaries LED PCB can be connected to the screw-free terminals or POE by RJ45The 6 or 12 outputs can be individually configured and current can be set between 0 and 1500mA. Config- uration and deployment are made easy with LIGHT- CARE-DS software.

The operation of the high-side MOSFET buck LEDdriver provides a highly efficient solution, with multiple protection features, superior hybrid PWM dimming performance and high accuracy across all conditions input/output voltage, dimming and temperature. This is the next-generation buck DC-DC LED driver recommended for general LED lighting.

 The target application is a secondary stage together with AC-DC such as Power Factor Correction (PFC) flyback or PFC + LLC. It is flexible enough to use up to 1.5 A. The hysteretic current control is extremely fast and always stable without the need for any loop compensation. A maximum duty cycle of up to 99 percent enables use in applications where the input and output voltage are close to each other. It is suitable for applications with a wide range of supply voltages from 8 V to 48 V and operates in hybrid dimming mode, which helps to minimize LED colour shift and audible noise. In the range 12.5 to 100 percent it operates in analog dimming mode, and from 0.5 to 12.5 percent in PWM mode with fixed output frequency fout. The driver provides high accuracy across all conditions, as well AC 100 or 120 Hz input flicker rejection across the whole dimming range.

  • DC/DC buck with hysteretic current regulation

  • Output current up to 1.5 A DO

  • Integrated 48 V high-side MOSFET switch with low RON

  • Hybrid dimming to 0.5% of the target current

  • Wide operating voltage range BV to 50 V

  • Cycle-by-cycle current limitation

  • Under-voltage lockout

  • Thermal protection

  • Flicker free operation
  • Digital soft-start

  • Pull-down transistor to avoid LED glowing

Made in Denmark



We offer a wide range of costom made solutions with high quality luminaires in fashionable designs that can be adapted to your individual needs. The intelligent luminaires are available in round and rectangular luminaires as recessed,  surface-mounted and pendant.

The fixtures are produced so that they live up to European quality standards. Our sub-suppliers have laboratories and test facilities to ensure the fixture quality and durability that means that we can offer a 7 year warranty

  • We can deliver recessed luminaires that  visually seem like skylights.
  • Lines of light along the walls to create an amazing atmosphere with indirect light.
  • Fixture designs in several colours and different materials.
  • By combining RGBTW (Red, Green, Blue, Tunable White) LED diodes, we have the  opportunity to boost and block the blue colours of light.
  • Therapy boost circular luminaires in size Ø950 cm with extra high light output and efficacy.

A selection of new surfaces in wood, metal, carbon, concrete, leather, and even pure gold