In Fynsgade Nursing Home in Grindsted LIGHTCARE landed the job to install full dynamic tuneable white lighting in the corridors, living rooms and common areas. Here the calming and stimulating light help the staff and residents to a better everyday life. The installation is made with the LIGHTCARE luminaire AVI-CARE, for recessed ceilings and surfaced mounted as well.

The solution was the CARE packet which consisted of: Tuneable white which among other things can make daylight scenarios varying from warm to cold light (2.700K-6.500K). The control is fully automatic and follows the rhythm of the day as for the temperature of the colour and the intensity of light. The staff have the option for absolute light in the evening and at night, if something urgent or an emergency should occur. Additional choice is CARE COMPLETE, where you get sensory- and snoezel room. The principles of light behind “snoezel” is among other things to add calming and health promoting light that can counteract to anxiety and Seasonal Affective Disorder and light scenario simulations which normally only occur outside in the sunlight.

The installation and assembly are done in co-operation with the local electrician Finn Lauridsen.

  We have studied many articles on lighting and AV systems to help dementia patients. All this I shared with Claus from LIGHTCARE and he agreed to create a state-of-the-art dementia room that everyone coulduse and maintain. And it works even better than expected! We already have LIGHTCARE 
circadian lighting installation in corridors as well as common areas and would also like to have it in the rooms. In the future, I will use – and recommend LIGHTCAREsolutions for everyone – they really listen to the needs of customers, and through resource knowledge and know-how I think they will make every project a success.


We see that it calms very aggressive and agitated people with dementia, and we can reduce the cost of medicine and the staff get more time to other patients. We also see that a sad or shy person with dementia becomes happier and gets more energy to life. It is easier for the staff to get closer to the people with
dementia and earn their trust.