In collaboration with doctors, surgeons and nurses Lightcare implemented Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting and Healthcare lights in the intensive care section at OUH. The collaboration was assumed to establish the most optimal lighting solution for intensive care. Existing evidence in the area were tested for static coloured light features and circadian rhythm simulation.

Today the Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting is helping to create increased job satisfaction, quality of working environment and safety on the section. The solid coloured scenarios in Healthcare light optimize working conditions by increasing the activity concentration and attention to operations and care situations.

The greatest wish from patients is to undergo the fastest normalization possible, the staff have requirements for light quality depending on the task they face. Different Lightcare scenarios are developed to meet the different needs depending on whether it is eg. the patient's needs in the living room or the staff´s to operate, report, or monitor.

During the project at Odense University Hospital, Lightcare in collaboration with surgeons and nurses developed a bedside/study-lamp. The purpose of the study lamp is to make it easier for the staff in daily tasks, taking blood samples, and general examination of the patient. Attention to individual needs and the use of modern technology combined in a modern operating universe has created great satisfaction for the staff on the ward.