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For the Gorm oil platform in the North Sea under the wings of Maersk, we have delivered a complete Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting solution for shift workers on the sea. The solution includes circadian lighting for the staff in the control room where employees previously were not exposed to enough daylight during the shifts. Today the light is helping to stabilize the staff's circadian rhythm. By staying in the orange night light, the staff have an easier time falling asleep after shifts while artificial daylight increases their energy level and attention during the day.

The solution is installed with a back-up unit to ensure the operational stability of the system. We can deliver tested Plug'n play circadian light solutions no matter where in the world you are.

LIGHTCARE solutions are appropriate in several different contexts, whether it is in the pharmaceutical industry where we can help the health of workers, or in production units where special settings of coloured lights can have a positive effect on the production. Full Dynamic Circadian Lighting helps to increase the quality of the working environment, improve satisfaction, increase energy levels, and attention. The light is LED based and can therefore also provide substantial savings on power.