LIGHTCARE has done the impossible possible -together with Ramboll Architectural Lighting Design, Vladan Paunovic, senior engineer Mathias René Toft Rasmussen, and Enerignet´s construction engineer Arne Hartwigsen- in only 12 weeks a miracle has happened.

The world´s biggest full dynamic circadian pendant is now mounted in the control room in Energinet, Fredericia. With a length of 19 meters and a width of 5,6 meters we have conquered Guinness World of records. To make, deliver, and mount a luminaire exactly in the way it is described in only 12 weeks is nothing less than a miracle.

The responsibility, development, project engineering, and commissioning Lightcare did on its own. LIGHTCARE'sshoulders. EVERYTHING in the lamp is Danish produced.

Not less than 102 people have been involved in design, construction, production, permissions, assembling, test, delivery, mounting, and installation of the world´s and specially constructed full dynamic circadian pendant.

The steering of the light is via Lightcare OS, which is a newly developed and breaking software with the possibility for the users to define and customise the light to their specific needs. This breaks with former closed systems.


For the approval of the lamp, a 1:1 prototype of 17cm was printed in 3D of profile and downlight insert. Next, there was confidence that the actual aluminium extrusion of the finished profile and the subsequent profile cutting and rolling of the desired profile design and eventually nature anodization process could be carried out as planned. In parallel, the development, design, layout, documentation and manufacture of 6 different PCBs with no less than 44,992 LEDS were distributed across a total of 174 LED PCBs controlled by 28 specially developed power-controlled flicker-free unit controllers. All LED PCBs are mounted on each heat-conductive aluminium plate. Y-cover and end bottoms in aluminium, as well as all fittings should also be specially made for the task. Next, all opalized microprime covers for the downlight and the clear acrylic sheets for the light had to be produced. 3D printed parts for the 16 downlights which act as individual workplace lighting became an integral part of the finished pendant.

An extremely costly, exciting, inspiring, nerve-wracking, evolving and teacher-like project. Thank you so much for the cooperation of all 102 people involved in the project. Without your efforts, there would have been no miracle.


  1. Negotiating meeting (all bidders convened) Week 33
  2. Offer made Week 34
  3. Contracting Week 35
  4. Quality assurance and quality plan week 35
  5. Approval of LED diodes Tunable white 2700K, 6500K ra >90 and Amber suffered week 35
  6. Idea of development phase week 36
  7. DWG drawings and alignment of fixtures week 36
  8. Design and component procurement in accordance with estimated quantities week 37
  9. Prototype and 3D drawing of profile and downlight insert – as well as 3D printed model 17cm week 37
  10. Extruded aluminium profile drawing, approved by the builder and advisor week 37
  11. Quality and control tests of intended extruded aluminium profile. Control tests at the rolling manufacturer show deformations – new drawing is prepared and approved, week 38
  12. Development, design, layout and documentation of 3 new PCBs type, A, B & C: Total: 44,992 joints spread over 84 pcs. A, 34 b & 56 c print, week 38
  13. Outcome tests 3x6mtr. aluprofile is provided for testing. The test requires tools to be adjusted before final extrusion process continues, week 42
  14. Urgent delivery of the minimum order of 234 mtr. aluprofile (We must "only" use 9x6mtr. for the lamp), week 43
  15. Urgent delivery of rolling and profile cutting, week 44
  16. Urgent delivery of Y covers, end bottoms, fittings, etc., week 44
  17. Emergency delivery of 3 x hedging plates, week 44
  18. Urgent delivery of the Nature anodization process, week 45
  19. Emergency delivery from the United States of resistance to the 28 UCs for uniform and flicker-free power management, week 46
  20. Alignment and live. of 48 3D printed downlight inserts, 16 pieces dyed in black for minimal glare, week 46
  21. Urgent delivery of PCBs and complete wiring with 284 poles, week 46
  22. Damage to rolled profiles caught in quality control, new emergency order, week 47
  23. FAT test and assembly of PCBs and alustabilation plates and the entire A1 lamp, week 47
  24. The A1 lamp is craned up on the 2nd floor of Fredericia, Friday 23 November at 10:00, week 47
  25. Lamp fitting finished Thursday morning at 7:00, week 48
  26. Complete light installation complete, week 49
  27. Light programming, week 49
  28. Delivery business, quality and control documentation and D&V documentation, week 50.


  • By a miracle the impossible has been made possible in only 12 weeks
  • Project hours: quality and control documentation in total 1071 hours
  • Wiring 284 poles to connection of 174 PCBs in total 222 hours
  • Mounting hours for the assembling of the pendant at the factory in Horsens in total 420 hours
  • Mounting hours for the assembling of the pendant at Energinet in total 713 hours
  • Persons involved in the process in total 102
  • Amount of LEDS in total 44.992 pieces
  • Colour changing between 2700K-6500K Em≥300lx. Colour rendering: Rf≥92 og Rg=100 ±2. Lumen in total> 3000lm/m
  • The lighting change automatically in the evening and night to a light without blue wavelengths Em≥60lx.
  • Individual working light can be chosen by a 2700K downlight Em≥500lx. Colour rendering: Rf≥92 and Rg=100 ±2 UGR ≤16.
  • Light distribution angle: 45° for downlight and 65°for micro prismatic cover 120°