About us

LIGHTCARE® was founded in 2014 by Claus Søgaard  with the belief that the world needed highly engineered  software and hardware designed to simplify and reduce  the cost for all LED lighting manufacturers, to meet their  end customers needs with companion technologies for  circadian rhythm light and healthcare-light by constantly  focusing on Human Health Centric Controlled Circadian  Lighting.

Everything we do

is inspired by  the importance of sunlight for humans and builds on long lasting and unique collaboration between our  costumers and users as well as researchers specializing  in circadian rhythm and sleep problems.

Our unique product range

is  characterized by a very nice and user-friendly design,  and it is easy to operate, maintain and customize as  needed. We are Denmark’s leading knowledge-based innovation  company specializing in unique light concepts for  mainly hospitals. We are known for innovative design solutions with a  high quality level med and with documented led  lighting systems from 2014 which still works in 2023.

The Second-best Light on Earth™ – Because we care

CEO - Claus Skals Søgaard

The Second-best Light on Earth™

Our way - our strategy

To create light growth and value by being the  preferred and trusted provider of multi functional LIGHTCARE® LED drivers and lighting control for  the health sector.

Global Leading Experts on multi functional plug  and play LIGHTCARE® solutions, unmatched design and world-class after sales support.

We innovate and deliver market leading multi  functional full dynamic LIGHTCARE® solutions, in  terms of design, hardware, software, testing, certification, logistics and service.

Customer-focuses, value-driven, team and  partner oriented, trusting, caring, respectful and  dedicated to mutual LIGHTCARE® success.

We aim to create The Second-best Light on Earth™ – Because we care

We strive to create a better vision and health  condition for many people around the world


is Denmark’s leading knowledgebased innovation company, with over 10-years of specialising in unique light concepts for a wide  range of areas, including healthcare, elderly care, trade and office, education and industry. LIGHTCARE® is inspired by the health importance  of the right light at the right time to improve the circadian rhytm for all human beings. The  software and hardware development, build on a unique collaboration with researchers, sector  users, circadian rhythm and sleep specialists.

The research shows that the LIGHTCARE® solution will boost and block hormone-production, and reset our circadian rhythm. We know that properly dosed light creates better working conditions, better productivity, reduces sickness absence, counteracts seasonal affective disorder, reduces the need for many types of medication while at the same time achieving major energy savings when it´s controlled the right way.

Correctly dosed light is obtained with our subsupplier of lighting fixtures included Single- and Multi-Coloured LED PCB controlled by LIGHTCARE hardware LIGHTCARE®-UC; unit-controller and the LIGHTCARE®-AC; area-controller and the LIGHTCARE-OS; open source software with a user-friendly design, simple to operate, maintain and change as needed.